Velvet lamp shade with Flamingo Lake

Velvet lamp shade with Flamingo Lake


A lovely plush, soft velvet drum lampshade with Flamingo Lake Wallpaper in blush by Holden Decor.

The wallpaper features beautiful pink and white flamingos on a blush pink background patterned with a tropical palm tree motif.


    Available sizes - 20cm, 25cm, 30cm, 40cm, 45cm, 50cm diameter circular drum shades. The larger the shade, the more detail inside.

    The heights for each size are:

    20cm = 18cm tall - small and most suitable for bedside lamps or small rooms

    25cm = 21cm tall- small/medium for lamps or a smallish room as a ceiling light

    30cm = 21cm tall - medium and a popular size for both lamps and ceilings

    40cm = 25cm tall - a larger statement shade with plenty of detail

    45cm = 25cm tall - a big, bold statement shade

    50cm = 25cm tall - extra large and fabulous!