Emma J Shipley Silverback Gorilla cotton silhouette lampshade

Emma J Shipley Silverback Gorilla cotton silhouette lampshade


Sure to make a statement, this beautifully designed Silverback by Emma J Shipley makes a gorgeous Cotton Silhouette lampshade. 

The Silverback is on trend with its unique, jungle vibe and the detailed hand-drawn design acts as a striking ode to our majestic cousins and a reminder to protect the natural world. The striking lime green, teal, and powder pink foliage shine against the monochrome grey pencil hand-drawn gorillas that are framed by the off-white background. The Silverback design is sure to make a stunning unique focal point in your interior scheme.

  • Product info

    Available sizes - 30, 40cm, 45cm, 50cm diameter circular drum shades, in either an emerald or white cotton.

    The heights for each size are:

    30cm = 21cm tall - medium and a popular size for both lamps and ceilings

    35cm = 21cm tall - a slightly larger medium shade for more detail

    40cm = 25cm tall - a larger statement shade 

    45cm = 25cm tall - a big, bold statement shade

    50cm = 28cm tall - Extra large and fabulous!!