Botswana woodlands giraffe cotton print lampshade

Botswana woodlands giraffe cotton print lampshade


A beautiful and colourful scenic lampshade featuring the giraffes of the Botswana woodlands on premium cotton material. Available with a matt gold or white lining and the option of white or gold wire ring.


A white lining will allow lots of light to shine through the fabric, illuminating the fabric print. A gold lining will provide a glamourous glow above and below.


The shade shown is a 40cm standing lampshade with a gold lining and wire ring.


    Available sizes - 30cm, 35cm, 40cm or 45cm diameter circular drum shades. The larger the shade, the more detail.

    The heights for each size are:

    30cm = 21cm tall - medium and a popular size for both lamps and ceilings

    35cm = 21cm tall - a slightly larger medium shade for more detail

    40cm = 25cm tall - a larger statement shade with plenty of detail

    45cm = 25cm tall - a big, bold statement shade