With velvets, linens, plain cottons, patterned fabrics and silks to choose from it’s useful to know what lighting effects each provide.

The velvet we use is of a premium quality. Plush, soft to the touch and a very popular choice in current decor trends. Velvet is a thick, densely piled fabric. A velvet lampshade has a high quality, classic and high end finish. The light cannot travel through velvet due to its thickness and instead allows light to travel above and below providing a glamourised effect, lighting up any interior design to a lampshade.

Cotton linen is a textured fabric, slightly thicker than cotton. The plain coloured cotton linen fabric we use is of high quality and of beautiful, versatile colours. Cotton linen is not as thick as velvet, so light does travel through allowing detail from an interior pattern in a lampshade to shine through, providing detail on the outside as a ‘silhouette’. 

Plain cotton has a smooth finish and is very breathable. Light easily travels through cotton, making it our fabric of choice for our clear panel, silhouette cotton shades; giving full detail of the interior pattern shining through onto the outside of the drum shade when the light is turned on.

Silk provides a very similar lighting effect to plain cotton. With a stylish silk finish it has that classic, luxurious home furnishing finish.

Creating a bold feature item with a patterned fabric shade has a different light finish depending on your choice of either a white or gold panel interior. White panels on the inside enable light to travel through the shade, lighting up the pattern fabric detail. Gold panels let less light through but provide a glamorous glowing effect.


Size and fit

Our Lampshades will fit UK and European Lampholders or Pendant Fittings as they come complete with a white removable converter plug.

B22 Bayonet Cap and E14 Edison Screw fittings have a 2.5cm wire frame hole fit and require the converter plug to be left on. E27 Edison Screw fittings have a 4cm wire frame hole and do not require the converter plug.  

Our shade sizes range from 20cm to 50cm in diameter (the width). We sell drum shades so there is no change (taper) in width from top to bottom. The heights differ depending on size;

20cm = 18cm tall - small and most suitable for bedside lamps or small rooms

25cm = 21cm tall- small/medium for lamps or a smallish room as a ceiling light

30cm = 21cm tall - medium and a popular size for both lamps and ceilings

35cm = 21cm tall - medium but that slight bit bigger, a nice in between size to create a detailed statement shade 

40cm = 25cm tall - a larger statement shade with plenty of detail

45cm = 25cm tall - a big, bold statement shade

50cm = 25cm tall - extra large and fabulous!

The sizes offered in each design is dependent on the interior pattern, type of panel used to make the shade and patterned fabric print. With the interior design detail, the larger the shade the more detail can be shown inside.


Panel choices

If you are opting for a patterned fabric shade, there are two colour choices for the panel inside; white or gold.

The white panels allow more light to travel through them and the outside fabric. Maximum light is omitted into the room and the pattern design is highlighted with a beautiful ‘lit up’ effect.

Our gold panels have a matte, slightly textured classic finish, perfectly complimenting a patterned fabric design. Less light shines directly through onto the pattern and more reflected above and below with a warm golden glow filling the room.


Wire ring colour

Some of our shades come with a option of a white or gold metal wire ring.

Gold rings are great for standing lamps (especially if its gold!) or ceiling shades with a bit of edge. They are good at blending and complimenting an interior pattern within the shade or a gold panel choice.

White rings are a good choice for ceiling shades as when you look up, the ring disappears against the white ceiling. They are also preferable if you’ve opted for a predominantly light interior pattern or white panel shade.


Product safety

Lampshade materials should be tested for fire resistance to comply with the British Standard for Luminaries. Our products have been tested with the Lighting Association Laboratories and has passed the glow wire test. Fabrics and paper that is applied to our lampshades are fire resistant.

We recommend low energy bulbs, such as 40W or less. For the larger sizes (40cm diameter and above) you can use 60W bulbs.


Finally and most importantly...

Why choose handmade?

Lampshades can be fun, quirky, diverse, coordinating and unique WHILST being made of high quality fabrics and expertly engineered. High street ‘mass produced’ and machine made lampshades are mostly made cheaply and simply with production and profit the key directives, which isn’t our style! We believe in creating proper lampshades full of quality and design that are as individual as we are.